Document Manager Costs

These products are in-expensive.

The basic software version starts at $50.00 USD per PC. It increases in price depending on the functionality required for each user. Cloud backup storage is dependant on the space you require (from free to perhaps a hundred a year for a large set of files). Scanners may or may not be required. Documents can be printed directly to the document storage system. Small bits of scanning can be done on your multifunctional printers. If you have a large amount of scanning, a really fine dedicated scanner can be purchased for around $500.00.) They can also be rented for a short time, if you have a stack of paper to scan as a one off requirement.

I am not the software author of any of these products. You will purchase software directly from the supplier. I have used these products for some time, and have agreed to promote these products on behalf of the distributor. Permission to use copies of their sample screens, and their marketing materials have been obtained. I have spent much time figuring out how to use these products most effectively, and know how to set them up correctly. I will help you get it right from the start.

I can assist you in determining the level of software that you require, based on your requirements. (upgrades can be purchased at a later date should your requirements change). I am can assist you with your installation, training, and support. For a small at home person, general setup, and assistance to get going, could be accomplished in a couple of hours. (About $150.00 total. - for less money than it takes to do your income tax returns). A larger business should invest more time in my services. This is a fully functional document manager system that is as good as, and better than systems I have used that cost thousands of dollars a year in subscription costs. This software is amazing, and invaluable in managing your documents.

Business Training

If you are a business, let me work with your team to design an effective document system. In the long run, this will save you a great deal of time, and effort. Like a spreadsheet, you can jump in and use it right away. Your first spreadsheet is simple, and lacks sophistication. When you get to know the system better, you will understand how it should have been setup in the first place. The document manager spans many files. Going back to change it, could be a big task. Best to make sure that your document manager is setup correctly from the start, to save yourself this effort. This way you will also be able to utilize all the great little extras that the product offers to you, which make it an even more valuable solution!

The software is intuitive, and will be picked up quickly. The product is much more than just a document manager. You can use it to help organize your workflow, manage your appointment presentations, ensure consistency with your workpapers, assist you in overseeing your operation, and making all your paperwork a breeze to maintain and find. It can also be used to assist the staff in bringing together all the documents, which are spread out over many drives, and many locations.

Imagine your home or business complete with:

Combined with the portal option (see tab document distribution) you also have:

It only makes sense! Welcome to the future, and embrace it; or fall by the way of the dinosaurs.