Are you in need of someone to assist with your accounts?

I am quite prepared to help, but only under the following conditions:

That does not mean that I do not want to work with you, but it means lets cut costs and time, and do things the smartest way possible! There are some things that still cannot be done effectively by a computer, and this includes:

Did you know new laws enacted by the Australian Tax Office can refuse to allow you a deduction for your payroll expenses, should you not lodge your payrolls on time? It is unclear at this point if this includes the STP lodgments, but it definitely pertains to the IAS lodgments. (Employee costs are usually some of the biggest expenses incurred by most businesses!) This means these expenses become an unclaimable drawing to your business, and that you will also have to pay income tax these expenses, as if you took the money out of the business!

If your business is currently not registered for STP, why not?

For businesses with 20 employees or more, STP must have been implemented by the beginning of this financial year, and for those businesses with less than 20 employees, STP needs to be implemented by the 01 July 2019. Are you ready? Can you afford to loose what is likely your biggest tax expense that you claim each year?

You should be doing the job you are best at (running your business) and I should be doing the job I am best at. (Automation and managing the ATO lodgments, while making sure everything is smooth and correct.)