Distributing Documents

The Portal

A portal is place where you can share files securely and efficiently. (see the security tab for more information on the security.) Note: The files on the portal are copied into the portal. The original file is still located where it was copied from, unless you have deleted or moved it.

The portal has the following elements:

How are the files and guests organized?

What files can be loaded to the directory?

Any file type can be loaded to the portal. This includes:

To upload files to the guest portal from your file management screen. Simply:

  1. Open the directory that you wish to send the files from,
  2. Press the portal button to open up the customer portal dashboard,
  3. then select the directory that you wish to upload the files to,
  4. Now select the file(s) that you desire to upload,
  5. and press the upload button.

Done. Have you uploaded the wrong document? Simply delete the rogue file on the portal, change it in your management system, then press the upload button again. Want to rename the files? Simply select the rename function, and enter the new name. The system can either automatically email the client to advise them that updates to their portal have been processed, or alternatively, supress the auto message function, and manually email them once you are ready to advise them, they have portal files.