E-mail Filing Solutions

Why would you want an email filing solution?

Have you ever lost your emails? Would you:

Emails are processed by the party sending the email. Multiple parties can be assigned to the same client. When they are processed by the email system, they are saved into the correspondence directory for that client. This way, anyone who works with the client can review the past correspondence, and become familiar with the issues and concerns that the client has encountered. In addition, the practice manager or supervisor can keep an eye out on developments, and be kept aware of the clients developments and issues on an ongoing basis. Employees should be made aware of this process, and messages of a private nature discouraged. Parties that are not part of a client's group can be disregarded, and ignored during processing.

Both incoming, and outgoing emails can be processed and saved in the customer file.

Semi-junk emails - those emails you wish to still receive and store, but do not want to have to action manually, can be set to be copied to the document manager, then deleted from the email system. I would suggest that these emails are actioned this way after they are say 7 days old. This way it gives the employee time to check out the email, and automatically removes that email from the system after they have reached the set expiry date.

Business emails can also be automatically archived, however I recommend that they are left to be manually removed from the email system once they have been properly actioned. Some employees like to keep the emails available, until the job has been actioned.

This system can be maintained by the practice manager, once it has been initially setup. Due to the nature of the process, once the email has been processed by the email manager, it is flagged to not be processed again, so it is important to make sure the process works as designed the first time it is run. It is a fairly fiddly process, potentially dangerous in the way it can delete your emails, and it is not recommended to be managed by just anyone.

I am happy to setup and maintain your system for you should that be your decision.