Account Doctor?

Account Doctor is a West Australian BAS agent that provides business support and training in the areas of cloud accounting, BAS, IAS Payroll Tax and Fuel Tax lodgements, backups, payrolls, office automation, automating payables, rosters, and Xero-addons. As an IT and accounting professional, I have a huge interest in the technical solutions that compliment accounting processes. This is summed up in my catchphrase "Enabling Information Technology and Accounting to work even better for you!"

Tax Compliance

Being tax compliant requires proper management of your paperwork. When you get a tax audit, a select set of records is chosen, and you are required to provide copies of the receipts, and corresponding bank statement. (proves the money was spent.) If you cannot produce the requested paperwork, the tax office is encouraged to look a lot closer! Did you know, you sign a waiver stating "you have all the paperwork and receipts?" This indemnifies your accountant, and puts the blame on you should there be missing paperwork. The tax rule clearly states: no receipt, no claim.

Filing cabinets?

Manual storage takes up space, time, and effort. Removing files from the cabinet, increases the chance of misfiling them when they are returned. Vandalism, accidents, fires, faulty equipment, storms, natural disasters, and other similar issues can result in lost or damaged historical files. Manual or poorly designed electronic filing systems may be no better. If a problem occurs, you may be no better off than if you put it all in the bin in the first place.

Electronic Document Sharing

Electronically stored files open the opportunity to allow you to access files remotely as well as locally. This can be accomplished easily, and effectively, however care needs to be exercised so the files remain secure and protected. Fail safe methods to prevent data theft, and protect your client's data must be put in place. The data needs to be protected from virus's, ransomware, security breaches, equipment failure, and disasters, plus many more modern-day traps. Backups, and storage of incremental versions become more important, and the need to implement "off-site" copies becomes more critical.

Customer information Sharing

You can even share information with your clients. Your customers may not be technical savvy, and special consideration is required to provide the necessary level of protection. Virus consideration, and secure user areas need to be a priority. Refer to tab "Document Distribution" should you have a need to provide a secure portal for your clients to log in, and access the paperwork that you wish to make available to them. Your clients can also use the same portal to send information to you.

Who can help you?

Until recently these options were only available to someone with a big budget. Now these concepts are affordable and available for a fraction of the cost and effort. Someone with skills in both the Information Technology (IT) and accounting fields is required to ensure you don't get into trouble. I have worked as a programmer, IT consultant, bookkeeper and accountant for a number of years, (see the "Services" tab, and "about Account Doctor" for more information.) and have the skills and know how. I would love the opportunity to discuss and help you achieve the next "advanced phase" for your business.

E-mail Pre-processors.

E-mail pre-processing systems save your emails into your document system as configured. This cuts down the time you waste filing and sorting emails. Business e-mails are saved into the perspective company correspondence file, subscription emails, (i.e.) "Accountants Daily" go to the into the "Accountants Daily" subscription directory, and unwanted correspondence to the appropriate "junk" directory. Nominated employees can access appropriate subscription directories, and personnel can access the client correspondence, regardless of whom the correspondence was sent to. Mary, (covering for Joe while on holiday in Alaska) has access to the instructions sent to Joe via email! Note: confidential correspondence can also be catered for.

Excel Solutions - Do you have needs to sort/summarize data, i.e. banking information?

Perhaps you run (i.e.) a medical service, and would like the ability to summarize Medicare payments by provider number for ranges of dates. I can customise a excel spreadsheet that allows you to summarize costs by the provider, over a date range. Simply download your bank transactions to the "data page", open the summary page, enter your data selections, and generate the summary. I can format the summary page as you want. Perhaps you would like to generate a pay summary based on the data provided? Perhaps you would like a performance summary? If the information can be categorized, then the summary can be generated.

Other areas that I can assist you are:

Please browse the contents and ideas in this website. If this interests you, please do not hesitate to contact me.