Receiving files.

Getting your files from your customer

Use the portal for your customers to send you files. This:

To do so, they need to follow these instructions:

Please Note: The customer can "zip" the files, using WinZip or similar software, allowing them to send a number of files, by selecting just the "zipped" file.

The clients need to know that once they have started to load a file, they are best to leave their system untouched until after the file uploads have been completed. (Progress is shown on their screen.)

If they are to do something else, they will likely interrupt the upload process, and the file load may not complete correctly. This causes unpredictable results, such as they may find that they have problems with the screen signing them out, or not being able to sign back in correctly, until the system resets itself. Not sure what is going on here, but I have enquired on the problem, and believe a fix to this issue will be forthcoming on a future release.