Sending Files

Please Note: To use the portal, you need to have subscribed to the portal software in addition to the file management software.

To upload files to the guest portal directly from your document management screen. Simply:

Done. -- Please let the files finish the upload before you do anything else with the portal system. Starting something else with this software can interrupt the current uploads, and the files you have selected will not be uploaded. (Same is true when allocating an existing directory to another guest.) Let the program finish. In addition, it can sometimes cause troubles with your sign-in status. It could sign you out, and not let you back in, until the system has reset itself. --

Have you uploaded the wrong document? Do you need to update or replace one of the documents on the portal? Simply select the file on the portal that you wish to delete, right click, and delete the file. You can then fix the file that you wish to update change it in your management system, then reload it.

If you have the feature turned on to email your clients when you have uploaded a file, they will be automatically notified every time that you load a file to any directory that they have access to. Alternatively, you can suppress the auto message function, and manually email them once you are ready to advise them they have new portal files.

Keeps track of documents sent to the Customer

Do you sometimes wonder if you sent the paperwork to your client? With the portal system, you can see if the file was sent, and the date and time it was sent. You are in control of the portal document contents. (Note if you allow customer updates to this portal directory, then they can clear a document form the portal). Considerations include:

How often have you had to go through your emails and files looking for a workpaper you are sure was sent to you? Are you sure that you sent any further processing instructions to your client? Have missed an email, for one reason or other, and had to go back and fix something that should have never occurred? Stop wasting time!

Using the portal, all documents are all in one place, available for you to work on by simply opening up the document management system. A time stamp is placed on the file, should you ever need to identify when you received the file. When things are well organized, and in one place; frustration levels are down, anxiety minimised, and you work more efficiently. Efficiency equates to less time to do a job. The manager can easily check the progress of a job, check paperwork, and even check files on the document manager and the portals. This does not impact the person working on the file, as they still have access to the online documents. If two parties try to exclusively edit the same document, then the second party has the ability to either wait, to view the document without changes, or alternatively to can make a copy of that document that you are working on, and merge the changes at a later time.