Troubleshooting the Portal

Problems signing in?

The portal is robust and pretty well designed, however there are a few areas where guests are having problems accessing the portal. Please review the three options before attempting to sign on again, as your error may be any of the three listed. The three main issues encountered on sign-on are:

Typical portal issues

1) The "guest" screen that is displayed for you, is the screen you should be signing into. Unless you are an administrator of the portal (You own, manage, and pay for the portal.) you are a guest. Please sign into the portal using the "guest access" screen.

2) You do not have the right password. If you think the password may be incorrect, you can reset the password. Please refer to the section below, titled "Resetting your password."

3) Patience. I believe this may be biggest problem. It appears that if you try to execute a function (see list below), and you do not let that function complete, the system goes into a recovery mode. Once in recovery mode, anything you try to do will have unpredictable results, until the system has had a chance to reset itself. Functions you must let finish before doing anything else include:

If you leave the screen, before the job has completed, you fill find the process you attempted will terminate prematurly. In addition, the program appears to go into some kind of reset mode, while it attempts to recover from the error. You may be booted out of your guest log-in, and you may not be. If you try to sign right back on, the system will report a problem with your userid or password. Even attempts to reset your password will fail. (it may look like it worked, but it likely won't) If this is your problem, I suggest that you leave the portal alone for five to ten minutes, so it can reset itself, then try logging on again. Next time, watch the progress indicated on the bottom of the screen, and let the job finish before leaving that screen. Unless you have a real slow internet, these processes are relatively quick, and the time wasted will be minimal.

Resetting your Password

If you need to reset your password, you need access to your email account. If you have this access, then using the portal access screen, position the cursor over top of the text reading "reset password" (that is a button that is not displayed) and click on the text. You will be prompted for the email address that you are resetting the password for. Enter that email address, then open up the email, and open your password reset instructions email. Follow the instructions carefully to reset your password. Once you enter the new password, watch out for any errors that may be returned, such as "too short" or "needs a capital letter or number". If this happens, you need to address the error, and reenter the new password. Once the password has been reset, you should be able to access the system again.